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My experience of these groups and their dynamics is that of sheer incommunication.

Like the kangaroo courts and other processes are mostly happening ex situ.... where you just can't reason with the group as they're just not around for convo, and the convo is happening in a different space and time. It's a way for the "outers" to maintain their political games as they never gotta face either the consequences of their rulings (just like government judges) or the load of conflicting arguments or information, not having to substantiate their claims as all the process is made of one-sided talks between the Survivor and the Ally (who's an authority, or at least authoritative figure in the milieu).

There's also a possibility for more toxic and bigoted prejudice -often ableist or racist- to make its way into the tribunals and go unchecked... I've seen it happening before, where either a Black person or a women were the targets of tribunals of the While Left milieu, treated as either sex predator or "mentally ill", and that was way fucked. So much for ID pols!

This pattern of course does not only concerns Oppressor vs Survivor trials as there are other herd gimmicks that make these TRIBAL mechanisms of demonizing to happen.