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yeah, a lot of this topic can be easily dismissed as just "scene drama", rarely rising to the level of real conflict. even aragorn, who many would agree was treated to quite a bit of hostility, mentioned (i'm paraphrasing, not quoting) that it was mostly a bunch of sneaky little cowards, running around behind their back, talking shit or maybe sabotaging personal property but almost never actual confrontations? because as I said, little cowards who ain't shit and can't do shit except scuttle around and talk shit.

so it's interesting how people process conflict: is that how one becomes a "villian" sometimes? if you just happen to be the type of person who isn't easily intimidated and doesn't respond to the .. less impressive forms of coercion like guilt or shame? so you're just existing, doing your thing and over time, all these almost completely powerless creatures keep talking shit because they have no other capacity to exert their puny little wills and the whole thing festers haha ... humans, you know? often tragic in a boring, wet fart sort of way.

but also people actually do things to deserve being treated as pariahs, don't get me wrong. I just find this notion interesting, of existing in a way where you almost automatically accrue resentment of people that don't even know you. relates to anarchy in a lot of obvious ways...