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The police are particularly fond of flouting the efforts of other people, simply because of a kind of stupidity. Unfortunately, though, in the modern cultural milieu, self-conscious policemen are particularly plentiful. It is merely a kind of meanness and vilification, hypocrisy and caution. Occasionally, it displays a pedantic severity, as if rude outsiders would undermine their civilised achievements and dignity. No one can feel relaxed in such an environment, for one eventually finds that gathering together socially is merely self-defeating. No one can talk about anything seriously or with passion, because it makes them look like fools. It seems that one can make oneself feel comfortable by simply waiting for others to make jokes. I'm afraid that even the "anti-fascist" thing is the prerogative of civilised people - what do the country folk know about fascism? It happens all the time, and it's the fruit of civilisation! If anyone is willing to challenge it, then we'd better just sit on the sidelines with meanness and contempt - see, it's doomed to fail. What an interesting day!