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The name "lumpentroll" kinda suggests for me that you're looking for a degree of notoriety yourself TBH.

And yeah. It's always been a kind of truism that bullies are cowards. Very tough when there's twenty of them and one of you, but quick to submit or run if there's any risk of losing the fight. I've seen it said a lot about the far-right (the older kind who operate like gangs) and it's borne-out in all the demo reports and videos I've come across. It fits with how authoritarian personalities work: respect only power/strength/fear, sadism goes down the social ladder, masochism goes up. So the same scumbag can be an abject asskisser in one situation and a vicious tyrant in another. Of course today this also means they're a lot braver behind a keyboard.

There's always been scene drama and ostracism but it seems to have reached a new low since about 2014. Like, LOTS of ostracism and actual bannings, shutting down people's events, publicly outing people, hate mail, threats, sabotage, even mail bombs on occasion. It's not reached the levels of fratricide which the far-right and Leninists have sometimes reached (where different factions are actually killing each other) but it's the worst it's been for a long time. Like, the worst things "our side" used to do to literal Nazis or animal abusers, turned against one another. It's pretty low-level, if you've got a thick hide and you've been in real fights then it won't have much impact, but these days the scene is full of people who are already fucked-up, and the younger generation seem very easy to hurt in these ways. (Incidentally, this also applies to managerial bullying... I saw someone try this shit on an ex-army person once, needless to say it didn't work).