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Pirating's still going on, and still intermittently persecuted, although the plus side of being part-recuperated in streaming is that the harassment is lower-level. Darknet markets are also going strong.

I have zero tech skills so can't help much, but if there's techies reading, I think meshnets are very promising for anarchy. I could imagine local meshnets in anarchist/counterculture enclaves bypassing censorship, meshnets breaking internet blackouts in restive regions, and ideally it should also be possible to design a meshnet so IP's can't be linked to users. Create some kind of transmission between local nets and we'd have a slow but functional internet without ISP's and with very high censorship resilience. The low speeds might actually be an advantage in putting off normies and corporations, and creating something more like the 90s internet. Add in drones which can be remotely controlled through the network and the system is fucked.