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I wasn't actually snarking this time, though I do send snark your way from time to time, so I'd see why you'd think that. It's more... well, "lumpen" and "troll" are both usually derogatory terms, so it's the sort of thing I'd expect someone who disliked you to say, "this guy's just a lumpen troll" or somesuch, rather than something you'd call yourself. It's actually quite common for anarchist/radical commentators to do this, and especially anarcho-punk and rave scenes, plenty of "scum" and "rabble" and so on in usernames and event names and so on. I also see it from idpols (putting b*tch in their username for example) and old right-wing trolls giving themselves names like "grumpyoldcunt", not to mention rappers using the N-word, and the ubiquitous f*g on the chans in the 2000s. But obviously there's loads of other political trends and subcultures which never do it - like, you don't see hippies tagging themselves BullshitMonger or CrazyWooCrank for instance. Would be interested to hear your thoughts/feelings behind choosing a derogatory username. Zizek-style "identifying with the symptom" maybe?