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No, some supervillains are interesting characters often with a somewhat legit rationale. Batman series as well as X-Men has a bunch of supervillains that are more dramatic good guys turned bad due to circumstances.

The actual supervillains we got these days are people like Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and Musk, to Batman or Bond's not around to get them.

Anarchist supervillains... I don't think there's any, other than perhaps Bonanno and a few other Euro anarchists. Let's say that what characterizes a supervillain is when their might goes beyond the normal powers of an apt human being (they become superhuman, tho not due to superpowers or wealth)... Being larger than life, and beyond human. So if you gain a major influence in anarchy through theory while at the same time being a notiorious pain in the ass for authorities due to irl deeds, then I suppose that qualifies.