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Hygiene ain't the primary reason why nudist get more exposure (no pun intended lol, but maybe yes) and friends. It's aesthetics. That includes someone who stinks, as smell is also a lesser-conscious part of aesthetics.

Or I guess for people who're into butt sex... ok hygiene here makes more sense. So is dick and vagina hygiene, as these tend to get nasty easily without regular wash. But how does nudism has anything to do with sexual intercourse? That is a question the author could better develop upon, like in other writings.

Of course there are way dangerous bacteria in poo, but bacteriophages are also found in sewage waters, and shit makes good compost as long as you don't use the compost for at least a year (enough time for the bad bacteria die out), so there's nothing that's totally bad in shit. So a more important and constructive discussion to be had about shit is how to better make use of it, instead of just rejecting it in the aquifer (along with and therefore intoxicating nature the way this society does. The toilets we're using in cities aren't compost toilets.

Where all this shit goes? I'm pretty certain that 98% of the people in your city don't know, and wouldn't care about it... it's literally the physical reification of the collective subconscious, right there. A shitty superego that tells people to evacuate that shit as far detached from their lives on the conscious strata of the city/hive-mind. Regardless of how bad it'll be for the environment, or how demanding it is for human waste management.