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First off, I am not at all surprised that THIS is the post that would be crossposted to @news and widely commented upon, lol

It's interesting that a lot of people are talking about toilets and sanitation. There is a need, I think, for a concerted effort from among anarchists to talk about this subject too, just like nudism

A few people are probably just trolling, but just in case's it's not clear (for instance, for people who didn't actually read the thing), I'm into hygiene and not into, uh, this: (lol)

But I think any good bit of writing ought to put some things into question. Especially things that are taboo. Hence this post

My main concern is with nudism, not poop, so please keep that in mind. My operating theory is that by talking more frankly about one topic, though, we might be able to start talking frankly about ALL topics - maybe with a mind to, y'know, creating a larger culture that is more open to heterogeneity and different ways of being. which is, like, at least PART of what anarchy means to me

so yeah. Most of my proposals are about, like, apparel and the body, which is a pretty "lowly" sort of thing compared to more cerebral, elevated concepts like economies, political institutions, etc. In this post, I went to an even lower subject (about as low as it gets, really, since at least "beautiful nudes" are lauded). I suppose I'd like to see more interesting, practical proposals from anarchists about such lowly, bodily, quotidian things, with a mind to rejuvenating a low-to-the-ground, embodied, everyday practice of anarchy