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On collaboration

Alright everyone, my question is relatively simple. In non socialist states, what’s the stance with supporting a essentially Marxist-Leninist, Bolshevik organisation. I joined because they seem to be the largest productive socialist organisation where I live. There are no political party’s that even associate with socialism anymore. Thankfully this organisation works to push socialist ideas both within the most left wing political party and wider society.

Lately though, i've been having a disagreement with them. Revolving around ideas of anarchism and opposition to state, the classic communist anarchist conflict. In the broadest interpretations I see Anarchism as a stronger theory for organisation, but within that state communism can at times be a justified structure. I’m heavily influenced by Chomsky’s views around the practical limitations of the world we live in. They on the other hand disagree strongly, seeing all forms of Anarchism and its theory as idealistic and utopian. I agree that many Anarchists are utopian but that doesn’t invalidate all Anarchism as it.

Anyway, they involve in good work, but there is definitely a conflict of theory, and I’m not educated enough to properly challenge Leninism.

Any thoughts or questions welcome

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