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This predicament seems

This predicament seems anachronistic enough as to dismiss it as a farcical hypothetical scenario used to prompt discussion along your pet topics, or as flamebait to annoy.

Regardless, playing along, I would encourage to continue working along with your comrades despite of the disagreements you may have, which seem minor. It’s unlikely that you will find a group of people working towards a common goal that will agree a 100% on everything. There are many valid reasons to decide to not work with them, like if you had different conflicting goals in mind, but in this case your goals seem to be aligned.

If you disabuse yourself of the common misconception that Chomsky is an anarchist, you’ll find that basing your leftism on his works is not a hindrance for your transition into Leninism, which is happening smoothly and will only take a couple of days, maybe a few weeks at most. Maybe a few weeks later you will find someone links another author on twitter, or you stumble upon them on wikipedia and it will shatter your worldview and you will go through an existential crisis which will end in adding 3+ hyphened neologisms to your social media profile.

Additionally, if what you seek is involvement in good work, there are many other places you can volunteer, including civic organizations, churches and NGOs. You may even start one yourself, if you’re enterprising enough. Be sure to promote your project in social media, tag the accounts with lots of followers for clout.

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