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You say you don’t know the organisation but you describe

I’m well aware of the criticisms of Leninism. People often like saying it was just Stalin but it started sooner. I can accept the needs of a state like body, in a global capitalist world. But like it literally has t one challenged or like you said, it degenerates. Whenever I ask what will stop it degenerating into a dictatorship they say “it wouldn’t degenerate if it was a true dictatorship of the proletariate” and all i can think is.... yeah I get it, a dictatorship of the proletariate wont do that but how the fuck do you know what it is until its either won the world and withered away or become a authoritarian dictatorship. WHAT IS THE MECHANISM GUYS.

But when I start talking about using resources and will for direct action beyond just building a knowledge base and political pressure (their ties and influence over the left wing party in my country is effective for the size of the organisation) I get a strong resistance and an explanation of how it doesn't really help the movement and is a waste of effort intimately. Then the next day they will talk about going to a protest and making sure to talk to people there yadda yadda. Then another day, when I bring up points like “hay, lets consider how we talk to people about issue X because it seems that issue X is being hijacked by nationalists. Let’s make sure to focus any communication we have with people on the anti nationalist arguments for X so the socialists don’t get associated with nationalists like every other time in history” and ill receive blank looks. Since I posted my first question I was asked to write a small pice about anarchists for the organisation, it has been criticised as being utopian (I focuses on the productive action of building democratic entity’s where it can be even if that takes force), misleading (I point out that anarchists would still, as a point of philosophy, challenge even a socialist state and that the challenge will always be useful as a counter weight to the preservation of liberty and ensuring that the state constantly justifies its existence) and told that anything good that I thought anarchist had brought to leftist thought was actually just Marxist or that just part of Leninism, like you said, as though anarchist cant use Marxist analysis???

I will say, these guys do not minimise the atrocity’s and so far haven’t shown signs of being tankies at all. And currently, the organisation itself runs extremely democratically. If the government was build using the model of this organisation, it would work extremely well. Although some of them say they used to identify as anarchists they refuse to see the model they have for the org is essentially anarchist and see it exclusively as a democratic centralism model. Democratic centralism something that they present as... ultimately an anarchist organisation model if anarchists agreed that ‘a state’ is currently need for immediate organisation and that could in theory be dismantled instantaneously if agreed.

They also sing the praises of Rosa Luxembourg and the Paris commune, because a commune totally isn’t anarchist in nature.

Sorry for venting, I’m just struggling with responding to some of the remarks lately. I do think this organisation the largest left wing force that isn’t just completely useless in my country. And being a member is great for my political education and awareness of social movements in my country. There is technically an organisation that I align with much more, however their membership is like 25 people nation wide.

I do appreciate your response

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