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Do you usually thank people

Do you usually thank people when they mock you and insult you? Traits of a submissive bootlicker, passive aggressive suck-up, ass-kisser, brownnose. I didn't assume, I responded mockingly to your post:

"Alright everyone, my question is relatively simple. In non socialist states, what’s the stance with supporting a essentially Marxist-Leninist, Bolshevik organisation."

Everyone? What's the stance? You're expecting "we" are going to give you a party line in chorus?

"I joined because they seem to be the largest productive socialist organisation where I live."

Ok, so you joined because of its large size and productivism, not any affinity with anarchist ideas.

"In the broadest interpretations I see Anarchism as a stronger theory for organisation, but within that state communism can at times be a justified structure"

Anarchism is not a "theory for organization", misconstructions aside, it's always against authority, hierarchies, oppression, bossing and obeying, therefore it's always the enemy of the state, including state communists, and never justifying it nor being its ally. This is basic, please read some more and ask around ( or

"I’m not educated enough to properly challenge Leninism."

You're not anti-authoritarian enough to be an anarchist, which is a greater hindrance to challenge Leninists than it is to lack any form of education. Furthermore, you're not educated enough about anarchism. You'd rather ally with statists, Leninists no less, for the mere fact of their larger numbers and productive powers, then resort to some authoritative definitive answer to justify an opposition that. Do you think "authority is bad" because someone told you? Where's your own criteria and critical thinking? Your own personal visceral feelings and reasons to hate authority and love freedom? Or were you just following along when you decided to call yourself an anarchist? "Joining" a movement?

You looked to Leninism, attracted by good work, organization, and a justified state communism and even socialism.
Anarchists are against all of those things, save for lapses of judgement or the unmasking of impostors. They can be against all of these things just 'cause they feel like it. But anarchists have also expressed their reasons in writing, if anyone is interested to read them, but merely reading them won't make you any more anarchic if you're so enamored with building mass and productivity. Anarchy is not achieved via meeting reading list quotas.

"I’m heavily influenced by Chomsky’s views..." Chomsky is only an anarchist among dupes, not peers. Find critiques among these results, if you please:, and many things worthy of ridicule:

How alienated are you from the world that you need someone to tell you there are "practical limitations". Don't you see this shit play out every day? People boss and obey each other, some people love that, some people are indifferent, some absolutely hate it; among those that hate it, few are anarchists. Most people would rather have comfort and security, efficiency and abundance over freedom, most people will never be anarchists. Anarchists don't need to feel legitimized or validated by any authority, nor others who identify anarchists. There is sadly an abundance of people whose desire to call themselves anarchists greatly surpasses their desire for freedom or their hatred of authority. People would rather open a lemonade stand with Leninists and call it anarchism, than come to grips with being a bored liberal with an inferiority complex and delusions of grandeur. Try "punk humanist" or "super-duper help organizer" instead

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