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Yeah basically

Mostly yeah.

I’m painfully aware that any anarchist society has swiftly been crushed hard by every power that could reach it. I agree with the analysis that some form of organisation is required to complete the revolution, but and disgusted by vanguardism. Personally I think the only way we an get there is through education and showing practical examples. Make democracy’s, unions and communises, let their failures guid is to make better and more powerful ones until the status quo is destroyed.

I just see syndicalism as a pretty good model for that education and experimentation to thrive and improve. But without mush support for the idea I’ll take any revolution that isn’t full on state capitalism.

I don’t know too much about the newer stuff beyond a few people I have spoken to who.... seemed to be more interested with freedom of identity freedom of a society, to put it politely. Not sure if there is a name for it, but that sort of “I’m an anarchist because I don’t the government” thing. Rather than actually having opinions on how to change it, challenge it or what to replace it with beyond “People will just do things and it will work out”

Out of curiosity, what are the “newer schools” of anarchism. I’m aware of some popularity of Frank Steiner (I think) and honestly I don’t understand it at all as a philosophy applicable to a model of collective action.

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