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Voline's The Unknown

Voline's The Unknown Revolution is a big old cinderblock of a book but the best anarchist refutation of Leninism I've found. As far as dealing with these peopld goes the best advice I have is to be vocally questioning of what you're not sure you agree on, and outspoken in your disagreement where it exists. Leninists are pretty skilled at using salesman like tricks to walk the anarchist leaning into their camp ("of course you don't think the state can vanish overnight? Don't you think some organization is needed to fight the reactionaries?") in the hopes that one day you're looking lovingly on the uniforms of some of the most totalitarian pigs to ever live. But if you dispute their pretty predictable party line the hostility you receive tells a lot. With that in mind imagine how those people would behave with state power towards the overwhelming majority of people that arent some sort of radical lefty like yourself. Remember no matter what word games they play that a workers state or "dictatorship of the proletariat" has never existed, just dictators with the so called right ideas standing in for the working class. More often than not, the dictator has been some aristocrat's son.

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