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Not sure which he meant by

Not sure which he meant by "newer" but idpol-anarchism is all over the place. For one thing they can't decide between radical perspectivism ("there are no truths, everyone's own experience is their truth") and hardcore structural realism ("white supremacy exists, we have figures to prove it, you ARE privileged whether you like it or not!"). Individuals don't really exist yet everyone is responsible for whatever effects their "behaviour" has on others. The aim is to Be Inclusive but one does that by silencing and banning anyone who disagrees. Modern society is irreducibly colonial and patriarchal but we can't fight against it or put ourselves outside it because we always speak from within it, even though we're somehow also speaking anti-colonial and anti-patriarchal things from these positions inside irreducibly colonial and patriarchal structures. We're meant to be "intersectional", meaning equally militant and absolutist about a dozen different oppressed groups' most extreme claims, yet with no way to decide what to do when these claims come into conflict. The point is to move beyond rigid binary identities yet the means to this end is by being even more binary and rigid about them. This stuff makes Lewis Carroll look coherent. What's more, they seem to revel in the incoherence and I've never managed to get one of them to explain how it's all meant to hold together.

Stirnerian egoism is loosely coherent IMO, so is eco-anarchism, and so is Bonanno's version of insu. The version of insu which was trendy roundabout 2008-2011 is also rather a mess of different theories, not to mention the stuff around Occupy. Postanarchism accepts the Derridean premise that hierarchy is ineliminable and rooted in the structure of language, yet also claims an anarchist project on some level. Generally in all these approaches (idpol, postanarchism, 2000s-insu) people patch over contradictions with rhetorical flourish, so the reader is encouraged to think they've failed to understand something far too profound or erudite or radical for them, when actually it just doesn't hold together.

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