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As authoritarian as ancoms

As authoritarian as ancoms may be, that’s be giving Zapatistas too much credit. Zapatismo is just MLM with better marketing. They got masks and everything! No ancom has been directly responsible for nearly the same amount of displacement and loss of indigenous life (within their tribe and in discrimination with other tribes), systematic abuse of women and children and various egregious cases of sexual abuse. Suffice it to say that it’s not their indigenous culture which is being condemned here, but the westernized leftist construct/narrative/vanguard that took power over them. Subcomandante Marcos is a westernized/settler, and such has been his influence such distinction is lost on outsiders who see all Mexicans as brown people with no distinction and eager to exoticize their movement and instrumetalize their narrative for their pet projects abroad. These things are no secret, people are simply willfully ignorant or are complicit in spreading apologia for this one in a long list of “anti-imperialist” authoritarian regimes.

Here’s a source that will be familiar to you, restating just the surface of details that are well known and have been fairly obvious from the start:

After that, get someone to read you this:

It has many references, it’d be too much to ask of someone to read those to you as well. In the meantime, pop this into your browser and click “translate to English” for starters:

Embarrassingly, people will come to find that even with all its flaws (which are better known), the Rojava regime is far more “progressive” (in which other terms might we compare polities?) than the Zapatista regime. Neither has anything to do with anarchy, except what it’s against.

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