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I have ever read: it's respective of the many different layers of reality and being. I agree that the new-agey trash that people do sometimes (for example, claiming some sort of "indigenous identity") is pretty infuriating and certainly doesn't help anyone, not even the person who's being fake.

The only complaint I have is the continued using of "the settler" identity, because in the end people now adays don't even really even know what that type of a lifestyle was's also true that not every person from europe who came to this continent and set down roots was responsible for the destruction of the indigenous way of life. I know from discussions with my family that I'm mostly European in terms of blood and culture. I am not a settler. Sure, I'm white, but I don't really like to think about that on a regular basis. I do think learning about your family through legitimate channels is a pretty healing experience overall, a lot of people now adays aren't a tremendous wealth of historical information but we do need to wrestle the human capacity to learn from the education system and authoritarianism.

I am not accusing the author of this of somehow committing a wrong, i realize she's just using one of the words all those white id-pols are doing, i just wanted to set the record straight that the only thing i know about settlers is all these tales of servitude, christianity, heroic hardship, etc.

Also, the article links the history of western colonization back one thousand years: it goes back even further than that. Where would modern and colonial europe be without the romans? It's very hard to say...but none of us know.

I hope this text get's circulated a lot because it brings up a lot of things that modern anarchists/de-colonizers are completely ignoring...fuck elizabeth warren, that shit was so stupid and it basically just gave the republicans a way to make fun of her, lol.

Will continue to read the last parts and maybe comment whenever I do...