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I get why some white people in IdPol circles with a small amount of indigenous blood would claim to be indigenous - from the standpoint of status/power in IdPol circles and the opportunity to liberal-guilt bait other whites in these circles. I suspect few indigenous people would be fooled.

What I DON'T get is how they live with themselves. I would feel like a BUFFOON, an OBVIOUS fake.

I am of redneck descent, being up to 75% Scots-Irish, with ancestors, the Younger brothers, who ran with Jesse James. This is real/authentic and I feel comfortable in my own skin with it. Not comfortable with the bad things my tribe has done.

Given my ancestry, it is almost certain I have a small amount of indigenous blood, like 1% to 4%, possibly a little more. Am I supposed to do an Elizabeth Warren? She is also of redneck descent, and would have not made a vast public buffoon out of herself had she publicly embraced her actual ancestry.

(2 first-degree blood relatives of mine have a high amount of Neanderthal DNA even compared to other Europeans. I probably have more Neanderthal ancestry, at at least 4%, than Native American. I am fascinated by this, but I have no kin group of Neanderthals to reconnect with.)