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For the sake of argument let's assume you are in the SHU. I am not in any way talking about whatever petty crime they have accused you of & locked you up for. Even murder. No one should be in prison and I'm not even talking about "justice " in that individual sense.

What we need to remember is the path we walked to get here, the absolute fuckery that some humans have perpetrated on the rest of the planet.
And my take is we must remember this not in order to feel guilt or to ask a higher power for forgiveness. We must remember so as to understand, to understand in order to NOT keep doing the shit that brought us here. But the people who actually committed those crimes are never the ones to go to prison, they deserve a different fate.
We did not commit the crimes but some of us, even if we do not want to, we benefit from those crimes.
To make it explicit, the past 600 years of European fuckery is what I'm referring to.