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Different concepts that aren't always equating to another.

But as for attachments... having more gets you more hooked up. Or do you really think getting someone on Mars is the real reason why Papa Elon wants so much? Or humility being the reason why Bezos kept all his assets into Amazon through all the years it was an irrelevant, originally laughable internet business?

"The nomadic thing is ideal for not having attachments, or resembling the type of humans that roamed the earth for most of human existence...but there is no recreating that. "

No it's just you lacking a sense of social reality. There's gypsy or hobo lifestyles still going on all over the place. They do fluctuate in terms of wider social recognition, but who cares.. people live like this for themselves, not for others. Or for lifeless things like sockets, "properties", or cars... If the expensive bike I possess would get stolen, this would suck, of course, but so what? That bike is just a tool. I can find another eventually.. but also it's not the thing that provides me with animal warmth and intercourse.

Possessions possessing you makes you possessed by commodities... but also it might reveal a lack of self-possession.

Nomadic ways are also making people accept the ephemeral, as this is the nature of everything and especially everyone. But the lifestyle, the line of flight, remains, once it is practiced.