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hunting and gathering, not nomadism itself. The latter is not something too hard to do, but likely very uncomfortable. Of course, whenever someone has a dramatic change of lifestyle then it takes a while to get comfortable could hithike, dumpster dive, sleep in a tent in a new city every month, you could be a "bum" (hobo, i guess...), you could be a gypsy or a free-wheeling con artist/thief....

not trying to sound like John Zerzan, but it's generally agreed upon in biology that the human body was meant to live as a gatherer-hunter or hunter-gatherer fashion, the human body was meant to be exposed to diverse muscular movements. That's not something that's likely possible for your standard civilized person to get or be able to figure out by the time they die.

what your saying about your expensive bike is what i was saying about possessions in general, "society" overall pressures you into having a kind of boogie existence with private property and what not. I was only saying that zero-attachment is pretty much impossible if you are human.

I guess it's still possible to do the hunter gatherer thing in certain places, but around where i live i could only survive off edible plants during the spring...i could also dig up earth worms and insects too but no thanks, i'm not particularly interested and living like that would cut myself off more greatly from other people.