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"...seemed to interpret it as saying nomads are inferior to sedentary people, which wasn't even part of the discussion."

i realized that after i posted it, i misinterpreted the post...

-but the *sighs* comment was not responding to anything that SE said. That is the crux of my beef with lumpentroll or whoever the hell posted the response to SE: saying something like "band of nomads is not good enough, you need the understanding of power dynamics and appropriation", which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me given that this whole thread/article is about power dynamics, and nobody is denying the reality of power dynamics.

-Nobody was saying that the turtle island people were colonizers.

-talking about certain groups of people "black, brown, yellow" can be racist, but is not an ad-hominem, however saying "you bigot" is because you are directly attacking the person you are having an argument.

-If it's an ad-hominem for me to attack lumpen troll for trolling, then WHY is he making his name "lumpentroll"? I'm pretty confused overall to be honest. I prefer not to see any thing in itself as a wrong or a sin, but just try to respond in the appropiate way to whatever is being said, it may be that insults are never the answer, but people on here regularly use insults out of the blue, and just seem to want to get to people (trolling), so i don't see the crime in responding to the insults with insults.