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I'm interested to see how strong of a case they can make for this. Cause I'm inclined to have a much more pessimistic view of cryptocurrency.

In other news, Signal app (created by an anarchist) yesterday announced a new cryptocurrency that they're bundling in to the messenger, with an overwhelmingly negative reception from what I have seen. There's disturbingly many signs of a get rich scheme about it, among other issues.

At the intersection of these two bits of news, thesis 1 in this cryptoanarchist article says "Decentralization of exchange is the primary reason we advocate adopting cryptocurrency." And interesting to note that the currency created for Signal is *centralized* from everything I can tell. And it seems that in other currencies there are strong forces trying to centralize things. I hope the authors will speak to centralization and decentralization in crypto as a spectrum and a dynamic, and not reinforce the false assumption that crypto currencies are necessarily decentralized.

For that matter, I think decentralization runs the same risk as other anarchistic principles - if you elevate it and take it as the main measure of anarchy, it fails to hold up (much like consensus, nonaggression, equality, horizontalism, and so on). Decentralized authority may be preferable to centralized authority, it may even be utopian, but it is still a form of authority.

I remain interested in decentralization, but I think its relation to anarchy is complex.