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I only had to adopt this new pseudonym because "thecollective" blocked my old one. Everyone who comes to this site chooses what articles or posts they will or will not comment on, and Shawn Wilbur attracted my attention for several reasons:

1. The seemingly erudite, academic tone he adopts, which masks the utter inanity and vacuity of his ideas - whatever they are, which isn't very clear.

2. His complete avoidance of any references to the real world of past or present anarchist theory and practice, and his fascination with obscure or marginal authors from the distant past, such as Proudhon (and I challenge Wilbur or anyone else to explain in unambiguous terms just what value his ideas have for contemporary anarchists).

3, My strong suspicion that his personal preference is for some form of "market anarchism" - a fringe position even among anarchists. I have confronted the author about this before, but he has always refused to give a direct answer.