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I did agree to being blocked by "thecollective" - or rather, I dared them to do it, and they did. However, I found that the opportunity to engage in conversation with fellow anarchists (or you), even if is just virtual, was too important to pass up, especially at a time when normal social interactions in our society (specifically, the US) are subject to so many authoritarian restrictions. and even if "thecollective" sometimes engages in egregious censorship.

Once again, you address your audience only in the broadest generalities, and are unable to point to even one actual current situation where Proudhon's blather about mutualism, national banks, etc. would have the slightest relevance. Your concept of "anarchist synthesis" looks very much like an attempt to sneak anarcho-capitalist - excuse me, I mean "market anarchist" - ideas into anarchist discourse through the back door. And if you don't already have a clear grasp on the question of exploitation - in both the economic and political realm - just from decades of living in this world, then most other anarchists are already way ahead of you.