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This shit sounds like Greece is about to blow all the way up, ending in all-out civil war. LOTS of civil wars start exactly this way. Syria is a good example: anti-Assad protesters were tortured to death by police in ONE city, and one or more kid's parents showed up for their son or daughter and were told to "go home and make new babies-you can forget about these." The war began that day, and still isn't all the way over.

We damned near had civil war here in the United Snakes,and over less than what it sounds like you are facing in Greece. On the marco level we had first Trump's failed attempt to halt the uprising against police brutality and murder, then his deliberate effort to incite civil war on his own behalf, and finally his attempt to stage a coup after foolishly alienating the military. It got violent as fuck (I still have a leg injury from Nov 14 but it didn't put me out of action), and from the end of May 2020 until Trump left office it seems at least 50 people were shot, stabbed, or run over by cars, only a few of them fascists. For all that, it stayed contained, and when the coup failed Trump flew away to Miama like the coup plotters do in Central America when they lose. It did not escalate out of control, and things have (probably only until 2022) cooled down a bit.

After both the big May riots and the violent Nov/Dec/J6 MAGAt messes in DC, the cops mostly hunkered down in defensive positions downtown, they did not saddle up in armored vehicles and plunder the neighborhoods.That would have been a game two (or these day, three) could play after all. The DC Mayor's May 31-June 3 curfew was mostly ignored away from the battle zone. NYC the same time was nastier, but not Greece nasty. Even in Portland, those illegal military arrests seemed to be limited to in-action, at the scene rather than grabbing random civilians all over town. All those guns US residents have probably deter the most extreme shit, as most cops do want to see sunlight again after every night raid. Trump may have wanted war, but career government people probably knew better. Doing what they did to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine in their own neighborhoods would have meant not being able to rotate home from the fight.

As much as I dread the prospect of a civil war here (millions dead and up to 100M refugees possible), I can guarantee you if riots were met here with police assaults on random homes all over the city, you would see all kinds of violence in response and the whole mess would probably go up in flames. From there we get open-ended, armed escalation both vertical and horizontal and on all sides. It seems that nobody really wants to go there, at least not those who've ever seen a war before in person. I don't know how Greek politicians and cops get away with their shit.