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Exquisite venom! Can't disagree with much here.

Questions tho, how much of this "threat" of the tankie internet is a phantom or an astroturf campaign? How many of these keyboard zealots are sad, powerless creatures when you actually lay eyes? Is it mostly LARPing?

How similar is it to special agent Alexander Reid Ross' "eco fascists" and the red brown narratives?

These have some basis in reality. Obviously the real CCP has an army of goons and agents, albeit a small one compared to NATO power. A friend of mine got sent a cheerful death threat meme by some little tankie dork. "Haha anarchists! We'll kill you next." He thought he was being playful or something.

But this kid was not very impressive up close, you know? Twitchy and needing a shower. Incel vibes... kicking his ass would have only depressed me.