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"anarchists are kinda like that nit-picky married couple that argues a lot over incredibly pointless things but then have hot sex at night."

I don't have this privilege, sorry.

But maybe that explains why I ain't too obsessed with talks about Post-Leftism...

The only crowd of leftoids I know are a kinda polycule too, and they're dominated by 2-3 narcissist dudes with a lot of Left cred who're also discretely with the police. They're also a petty bourgie caste of course, and never invite anyone outside of their privileged circles. A few beautiful somewhat individualistic women in their midst, but always compromised to the local version of The Man, one way or another. So not much choice but to keep to myself, as getting too cozy with any of them means sexual harassment/abuse call outs a few weeks/months later, coz I ain't one of the top dicks.