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to tell you the truth that's just my speculation about the left as gleaned from talks on here and readings from LBC, aragorn's! talks on identity politics etc.

What your saying sounds correct, those fucking Marxists with their libraries and declawed Fuck that! I got a kitty, i'd NEVER declaw her!

A lot of my experience with the left (not the same type of left we are talking about here with upper-middle-class marxist nerds who have no sense of humor) more or less just comes from reformist activism, not very radical stuff but me and my friends were a type of leftist who liked chompsky and ranted about capitalism lol.

I remember i did get to hang out with some middle-class rag-tag anarchist kids when i was in late high school and early college. They played shitty folk punk in a park, were into primitivism and stealing, smelt like shit and dressed like shit. They also were id-pols feminists and had serious drinking problems, bragging about being able to survive in the woods but it's all bullshit they're just poor middle class background people with their super lame "drop out" collectivist lifestyle. I'm so glad that they didn't like me at I did fuck around with this girl from the scene and she was pretty much the coolest one and last i checked she thought they were all idiots and she went on to do her did i fuck that up, i had such a good thing going with her, lol...