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Part of what makes it hard to find inspiration “within the milieu” is that most spaces of congregation are by necessity (rentability or the numbers they need or prefer to do their chosen economic activity) big tent, variegated leftists outnumbering anarchists, and most of these anarchists -being the type that gladly shares space with any “radical” (the space likely referred to as radical space, radical bookstore, radical coffee shop, serving the wide activist crowd rather any anarchist cosa nostra)- would just as easily call themselves anything else: autonomous anticapitalist, abolitionist or what have you.

Why blame the token anarchist that goes in and out of each of these spaces for their respective uninspiring qualities?

I think even most of the trolls that comment here are not really anarchists.

I find it inspiring to think that there are anarchists not “within the milieu” and not even active online, never reading or writing these comments.