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or rather people leave because the become increasingly irritated and aggravated by people like you. easier to leave and leave them in their ambit, than try to keep yourself from lashing out at them all the time.

“equip the people within it with the necessary skills/tools/resourcefulness/etc. to deal with the realities of the modern world as an adult. For most people, it fails to build on any kind of sound theoretical/practical foundation and deliver on its promise of long term healthy and sustainable community”

how do you keep your delusions intact? i’m not looking for no fucking workshops, you paternalistic blood clot. you treat people that are wiser (regardless of age, you ageist fuck, but coincidentally many are older adults) and more experienced than you as if you’re teaching them something, but they’re just holding back on mocking you as you overdose on ideology. they don’t want to be herded according to your “theoretical/practical foundation”.

I wad never looking for anyone to “deliver on a promise of long term healthy and sustainable community“. If anything, I was looking for friends with affinity, I found them and kept them, and left you to rot with your ambitions. So you can go hop from scene to scene, people wisen up and do their own thing, they know that so far at least you won’t follow them back home to pester them.