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free speech is a bourgeois concept and practice having little to do with anarchism. i've had tons of my comments deleted, mostly due to them going outside the parameters of the admins. i only pursued that twice, and got no relief for my appeals. oh well; that's just the way it goes sometimes. just in case you want to read it, here's the relevant information that's in the "about us" section:

"About moderation: Posts will be deleted when they do any of the following: consist of single words or empty affirmation or accusation (eg: "this", "this is great!", "boring", etc) especially when the poster is not logged in; meaningless shit talking of this website; posts that are flamebait (yes, this is a judgement call); talking shit to another poster without actual content (eg: "You suck, idiot" will be removed but not--for example--"Comparing nihilists to literary figures is idiotically simplistic"). In the rare case of a post that is sufficiently worthwhile and yet has distracting and stupid words in it, we might edit those words out in order to keep the benefit of the good part, but in general we think that tone is part of the message, and are more likely to just remove it entirely.
Additionally, in our infinite and arcane wisdom, we may choose to edit comments/comment threads that use the legal name of Anarchist authors and actors should they fall inside (inevitably subjective) parameters."