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Contagion Press, on Immediatism podcast

Some of the most inspiring anarchist reading on Immediatism comes from Contagion Press books. Lately, three have been featured: Be Gay Do Crime, Witchcraft & The Gay Counterculture, and Baedan 2 a queer journal of heresy.

"Be Gay Do Crime" was thoroughly introduced as a ten year retrospective of the activities and adventures of the Bash Back! era, Milwaukee-based Mary Nardini Gang. Featured in the small pink volume are ten weapons as follows: 1) Queerness in its negative sense, 2)Normalcy, 3)Social war, 4)Queerness as conflict, 5)The other, the excluded, 6) Repression, force relations, 7) Attack!, 8) A subterranean riotous inheritance, 9) Space, terrain, excess, 10) Refusal, the self-described anarchist. These ten are presented as a minor arcana along with their reversals.

"Sex Among the Zombies" is a book chapter from Witchcraft & the Gay Counterculture, focused specifically on the history of the United States of America, from the days of the early genocides up to the government and society in their present forms. "The single most striking fact of American history -- a fact that has conditioned every aspect of the nation's life, including its sex life -- is the militarism of the U.S. Government. Indeed, if the nature of an institution is determined by what it does rather than what it says, we would be close to the truth in seeing the U.S. Government as essentially a machine for making war."

Immediatism is currently in the process of recording the full text of "Against the Gendered Nightmare," by listener request, which comprises the major portion of Baedan issue 2. A principal claim of the text is that gender and domestication are one. This idea is supported through interpretations of Perlman's Against His-Story, Against Leviathan and other well-known texts key to an anarchist understanding of civilization generally and domestication more specifically.

Be Gay Do Crime, by Mary Nardini Gang

Sex Among The Zombies, by Arthur Evans

Against the Gendered Nightmare: fragments on domestication (Baedan 2)
[Episodes 5-10 of Against the Gendered Nightmare are forthcoming at the time of this post.]

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