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TOTW: Self- Sabotage

The real ship was the friendships we made along the way.

Some days ago, a ship got stuck and it caused a bit of a fuss.
It was stuck for a while and lots of memes got made basking in the serendipitous brilliance of what resulted from a combination of weather conditions and good old fucking up.

Many felt solace in seeing their personal failures and shortcomings momentarily eclipsed by a gargantuan fuck-up;
catharsis, in portraying their anxieties in a relatable and versatile meme template. Others gloated, relishing in counter-logistical fantasies of blocking the flows of Empire.

Meanwhile the steady stream of memes fueled the-little-digger-that-could and the tugboats to work harder to finally get the ship unstuck. Capital recovers quickly, adapts and learns, and often has the last laugh.

While there was much talk of blocking the flows, we’re more prone to make mistakes and get stuck in patterns of unwitting self-sabotage than to be the stars of a strategic heroic blockade, masterfully planned, orchestrated and executed. What are ways in which anarchists self-sabotage? How can you avoid them? How do you recover from them?

As 2020 left many burnt out, and 2021 is unfolding like a repetition of last year’s news cycle, with the ongoing reaction to Covid-19 and protests against the police: How do we dig ourselves out of this one? What are the things that make you feel stuck? How do you get unstuck? How do you get back in the flow?