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Things that can also factor into feeling stuck are indoor sedentary routine and syncing your attention to the news cycle and media feeds. The same repetitive narratives that promote learned helplessness with a macro lens or large influx of images catering to sensationalism and short attention spans make you feel deja vu and spectating things happening far away from you makes you feel like you're not an actor. It keeps you entertained to hop from trending topic to topic (trending fad discourses and hip scenes too), inform yourself to have an inevitably superficial opinion on everything since your attention span being spread thin, newsflashes and new posts distracting you from paying attention to your own body and immediate surroundings and situation.

Media catering to masses that march in the streets catering to the media, more livestreamers per protester, more clout per activist, more snitching per megapixel in the photos taken from the increasingly higher definition cameraphones. People show up to the streets, then tune-in to the news to see if they changed anything yet, as if they'll announced that they'll be considering abolishing the police and legalizing anarchy.

It's always FTTP FTP o clock, why fall in line with "protest day" "protest season"? The time and place of the year where there is a line of riot cops and national guard in the street is the time you choose to go there? Are you seeking the baton, the bullets, the tear gas, the arrests?