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Consent is a govermentalist born term and it only makes sense to emphasize it in very acute situations(in porn and sex work for example) In regards to power dynamics, this applies to everything in regards to adult/minor relations. Think of the absurdity of a 5 going on 6 year old 'consenting' to the 12 year education process which they are no where near truly comprehending. There is of course a small percentage of humans of who become libertarian/anarchist anti-school and education and their value judgements are completely swept aside ie 'it was for your own good'. It's a complete double standard from adult/minor sex where a minor might regret it later on for various reasons which often times are iatrogenic. Education is of course positively enforced to the nth degree.

The anarchist/anarch position should be radical shift on the current ideas of age and maturity which are based on shitty modern assumptions and back to a more archaic/classical standard where over 11 under 18 was pretty well seen as mostly adult. Greater marginal freedom for that age group as well obviously(voluntary education at the very least).