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This TOTW reminds me of life many years ago, living in a punk house, and it being a known place for people to stay as they passed through town. This is a very specific example of a place far off the beaten trail of big cities and anarchist jurisdictions (Portland, Chicago, and NYC[really?]) where a specific community of people had contacts with each other to help each other while traveling. As one can imagine, this involved the people booking the show to set up, organize, and promote it, and then probably crashing at the house for a night or so, unless the bigger cities tour demanded a quick exit. In all, it wasn’t specifically anarchist in anyway, other than the occasional anarchist friend passing through. Most of the time, helping out the travelers involved aspects of their own livelihood, and it was more rare to find those just traveling for the sake of travel, but often the hanger on, roadie named Bart.

This summer, I’m hoping to make a 700 mile bike (as in bicycle, human powered) tour, that is mostly just for fun and adventuring, but along the way some of the stops might involve meeting up with anarchist friends. Being a human powered trip, the distances are more limited than traveling by vehicle and therefore going out of the way to meet the anarchist few and far between is not the easiest.

Here and there, I’ve been watching some sailing YouTube videos and others traveling by boat over vast distances. This seems pretty cool, but also you have to live among the great big lakes or the ocean, have a boat, which is not easy, and know how to brave the wild sea. So basically no one, although there do seem to be some anarchists doing this ( ).

I think one thing from preventing anarchists from setting up travel networks like mentioned in this TOTW, is the sheer lack of money anarchists often have. It takes a good deal of wealth to buy land, property, a house and these more stable places outside of squatting (at least in the North American context), not even to mention time. How do anarchists get land, a house without getting married, having kids, and dropping off the map completely? Five year plan is to report back on this.