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Learn a skilled trade, one that’s in high demand. One that’s useful to your cause, in establishing enclaves of small tight knit dropout communities/tight knit circles. The most revolutionary thing that you can possibly do, honestly, is to learn a skilled trade.

Currently I work as an electrician in construction while living out of my van. I am honing my craft and making decent money and I’m only a one year apprentice. Lots and lots of savings.

You can literally save up $20k then use it to swing penny stocks like these parasites on Wall Street do. Start with even less if you’re good. A tiny 5% return once a week (which is not hard at all studying price movements) will yield you $1000.

For literally clicking a few buttons on a screen once a week with the right stock you make a livable middle class wage. Reinvest most of your earnings and/or get a bigger return then you make even more over time obviously. You gotta think like these parasites to escape their system. Play their hokey little numbers game.

Real wealth though comes from material possesions of value like land, animals, guns, etc. The plan I offer you is just a simple outline to escape the wage slavery quicker. It took me a while to see the wisdom in it but I’m a big proponent of learning a trade. It helps you make good money and makes you valuable as an individual and whatever tribe/community you belong to for the purpose of total system dropout.