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"one thing from preventing anarchists from setting up travel networks like mentioned in this TOTW, is the sheer lack of money anarchists often have."

WHAT the hell are you talking about? I'm so sorry that some people in this crowd are still using the money argument as such a huge obstacle to projects. Or is 100% of the land so owned to a point you can't escape renting or buying? You're sure there's no abandoned shack, house or old wagon anywhere in this country? If you don't like these places, you may also look for some nice potential camp site with nearby amenities and resources. I can point you to at least five spots like these around town... and they will cost nothing.

Capitalist morality is so deeply ingrained...

How about making it one of the goals of your trip, for starters... like looking at what is doable and occupiable without the need for any bucks?

Remove a few social determinism in your head, first. That might help seeing the possibilities. As what we perceive is not the "things as they are", but what our preconceived notions allow us to see.

What's really in the way of networking this stuff? Trust.

With something as politically-charged as a "network of shelters for anarchists", there's little ways to how these "shelters" will turn out to be prison cells... or worse.

So you got two options if you wanna do this:

1- depoliticize it as much as possible. Remove any anarchist this and anarchist that.

2- do it obvious on the contrary, yet as a secretive network of "traveling masons", i.e. within a secret society. Like what the OTO have been doing internationally with their safe houses, but without the whole sex hype for old creeps, and dedicated to encouraging individual empowerment, free sharing of goodies, safety, healthcare, etc.

3- combo of 1 and 2 maybe? Dunno.