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Funny how I did a similar Euro trip roughly 1-2 years after his, tho in the more southern regions of Europe, which are I think the more interesting parts than those over-civilized northern Euro shitholes. I fell in love with the barren crustiness and chaos of some Med cities, and the rough bareness of East Europeans. Northern Europe tends to be so polite, so orderly and clean... also dense in hypocrisy, like White ppl in US & Canada. Netherlands especially. It's maybe an anarcho-leftist's dream environment tho surely not mine.

I wasn't as publish-y as a Gelderloos yet I experienced a more punkish, laymen's approach to Euro squatting. I don't think he neither went to real crusty punk squats where the life was usually the most fun. Dunno if any of you ever imagined waking up to a fiery Kurdish dude yelling all over the place as he's removing all the fucking doors in the house coz some petty-bougie bitch was stupid enough to claim the place isn't a squat"!

Also unlike "Shimson", the Greek anarchos have taught me the name they use for "comrade".