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You don't seem to understand how these penny stocks work. The old gimmick goes like: insider traders and other "market-makers" are pushing for a penny stock to go way up at opening. Then tons of people go into FOMO more trying to turn a profit, yet they arrived too late as the stock gets dumped just as they're buying. This is what's called the "Pump and Dump scheme", and this was the biggest game by Wall Street crooks.

WSB has been a game-changer for a while ('til they started removing GME/retail investors posts) allowing for everyone interested for a while, but now it's their mods have been paid or taken over by hedge fund firms, as the crap that's being pumped is not only feeding on FOMO but also feeding some shitty corporate interests (like real estate or bad tech industries). Like 1-2 a week you get a meme stock being pumped over there and it's becoming an unsafe bet to invest into these. Lotta Redditors got fooled the last few weeks by this gimmick, ending up having lost on a stock that's gone back to hell, while the market makers turned a profit on them, selling shares they didn't even purchased due to schemes like dark pools and share lending. It's a dangerous game so you gotta know what you put your money into.

The GME thing has been the safest. best bet this year and it looks like the game ain't over unlike the ridiculous bullshit what the mainstream media outlets are saying. Someone who bought shares at just 40$ in Feb would have turned 4x in profits a month later, but someone who bought the at 3$ last year would have got way richer. Tho as of now it seems to be a war of attrition going with counterfeit short attacks on a daily basis, so nobody knows when it's gonna squeeze, and well, this stonk ain't a penny stock anymore...

There's a good cause to go into weed or psilocybin stonks but these industries are, well, industries and still capitalistic, only somewhat more "ethical" than terrible big industries (tech and mortgages, mainly) that turn up gazillions in profits these days.