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"One that’s useful to your cause, in establishing enclaves of small tight knit dropout communities/tight knit circles. The most revolutionary thing that you can possibly do, honestly, is to learn a skilled trade."

lol... so. fucking. liberal.

Define "revolutionary" plz.

All you MIGHT be just doing here is more private communal capital consolidation/building. Sounds more like reactionary than "revolutionary" to me, brah.

A "dropout community" can mean just about anything these days. That includes Zoomer startups and ridiculous tiny house private land projects. Zoomers especially, at least around here, don't seem to properly get the meaning of "openness" and fairness in dynamics, hence they always end up doing liberally reformed capitalism, when it's not fucking blatant neofeudalism. I'm looking in the direction of Bellamy, among oher well-knowns here.

The land belongs to no one. You belong to it. Or not.