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Would be great to have more of these conversations, and see mature projects and a collective memory emerge.

We're not attached to a labor movement anymore. Somewhat attached to indigenous struggles, and some are pawns for Marxists and other activist projects.

What does it look like when you don't want to be a liberal or a humanist and think you can change the system from the inside? What does it look like when you don't want to be a professional militant, or an activist?

To me, one little part of my life is pulling the bolts out of the scaffolding of the Grand Narrative, inviting non-dual spiritual engagement with the earth. A sort of premeditating of a coming paradigm shift.

I no longer understand this juvenile attachment to notions of purity between means and ends. Play the system without illusions. Set up fronts, shells to achieve goals. Bakukin made up secret societies and bank accounts while hiding real funds. Severino di Giovanni ran a print shop. There were anarchist bakers, watch makers, etc...

The question of day to day life, and what makes a life worth living at a granular level (where one can have any sort of power at making change) is always present. Maybe there is no answer. Just playful experimentation.

Taking unused land with regular people gives everyone something to defend when regrowing topsoil and mutually. I've seen this first hand. I've heard stories from people talking about taking over abandoned gas stations for tool storage, and activities they had no idea were radical. Food costs are 63% of income. Taking land and growing food on it blocks development projects too. Think of the optics.

I think this way because I can't see anything else coming to the US but techno-feudalism that plays out as a banal democide: continued death by neglect of withdrawing social services. It's a chance to rise to the occasion. And it's not AI coming. We're the AI insofar as we're the experiment to make everything change to stay the same so we get mechanically routed into more predictable patterns and outcomes for easy management.