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"To me, one little part of my life is pulling the bolts out of the scaffolding of the Grand Narrative, inviting non-dual spiritual engagement with the earth. A sort of premeditating of a coming paradigm shift."

I like this point. it reminds me of this piece attempting to hash out a non-dualistic direct spiritualism from a green anarchist perspective over other mediated forms of spiritualism. I prefer to drop spirit/spiritual altogether, and think that what they are trying to articulate isnt actually spirit/spiritualism, but something else. maybe soul/ensouled is closer.

"I no longer understand this juvenile attachment to notions of purity between means and ends. "

using children/juvenile/youth as a negative bugs me. as if adulthood/maturity is the ideal closer to truth, and is not where playful experimentation goes to die (at least where I live).

purity arguments also bug me, but I prefer to maintain an imperfect closeness with means and ends as much as possible. playing the system (in as many scenarios as I can imagine) rarely looks playful, often resulting in getting played instead. that being said, I gotta do something for a little money here and there, and your strategies are appealing.