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Being self employed =\= being a wagie. But let’s back up...

Yes, money shouldn’t exist, along with banking, finance, capitalism and all the rest. But, this is the world we have to deal with. As someone else a few comments down pointed out, prefiguration between means and ends is a juvenile fantasy we’re better off dropping like wednesdays trash. Being an electrician, in my case, isn’t the end goal. The end goal is autonomy, and this is just a stepping stone. These skills and tools will empower (literally) and stay with me for the rest of my life and help me achieve my goals.

Who’s to say I don’t do this for a while just so I can buy land. Once I buy land and build my own homestead on it, who’s to say I don’t start growing micro greens or producing mulch or vermicompost to sell and further support myself all the while raising chickens, growing a garden and just in general removing myself as much as possible from having to depend on system supply chains? Next thing you know I’m having a well dug. Boom. Now I have my own water supply.

And you? You think you’re gonna buy land from out of your job as a waiter telling yuppies to “have a nice day, sir”?

Wait, hold up. Does your ideology even permit you to buy land or would that be too “CoLoNiAl” for your poor little heart? So what’s your alternative? Stay working poor, and renting an overpriced 1 bedroom apartment in a shithole city 100% dependent on the system and it’s supply chains, all out of a misplaced sense of purity and self righteousness?

Does it make you feel “trve” and “pr0le” for working as a dishwasher well into your 30s and 40s?

Is it worth it?

Your position highlights two very big problems with anarchy today:

1. A self-defeating obsession with ideological purity that just hems you up from achieving anything of value, and...

2. This very American and shortsighted impulse for instant gratification bc Netflix, porn, social media and video games have turned you into a dopamine-fried addict. You want it all, you want it now, but you’re too entitled, lacking patience, dedication, focus and for that you’re never going to accomplish anything.

Was it Nietzsche or Hegel who said, “be like water, my friend”? I forget, but anyways, the gist of that expression is to essentially craft your strategy to the existing contours of the world for maximum effect.