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You may call this lazy thinking on my part, that having firstly abandoned the Newtonian logic pillar of the Western rationalist paradigm for the nihil-esque informal spontaneous emotional intuitional mode of inter-relational discourse, having reached the plateau of existential cynicism, the only remaining course for me was the Now's experiential reality.
A lazy analogy would be to consider Barry White's soul song "Never Gonna Give You Up"., about his lasting commitment to Glodean White his wife unto death. As a wealthy Christian black man he was a god fearing slave and brainwashed fool enslaved by the capitalist liberal ideology of America, yet his songs, as sickenly sentimentally devotional to monogamous morality as they were, still do not express to me what real "human soul" is all about, the bare facts thàt confront a genuinely self-awareness. Of course without the orchestra and his excellent use of the microphone even I could half talk-croon smooth caressing words just as wèll, but I digress. This "narcissistic culture", so far removed from the organic earthly existence of animal life, vitality and experience and obsessively channelled into the disproportionate love of only one other person in a herd morality which punishes sex outside monogamy, and also the disproportionate love of technology and progress is an analogy of the Western minds failure to pursue a super reality,
I'm unfamiliar with Hiedegger's interpretation of Nietzsche but I imagine it is to do with the dasien's immediate perceptions contrasting to the overman's arrogant visionary expectations.