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I don't know why the previous reply was deleted. Maybe it's because I confused Junger and Jung? I don't know. But I have to restate it.
Only from the established discourse, ideology and political position, there will be no true knowledge. It is not only a failure in philosophy, but also a failure in personality. For example, some Marxist Leninists believe that as long as they adhere to principles, they can win. But it's ironic - it just means total failure, and midgets. There is no shortage of dwarfs in the current anarchist environment. The police can flaunt their incompetence and then undermine the efforts of others with ignorance. Like the Trotskyists, even the individualists are like the Trotskyists. Its political stance is a patchwork of simple words.
Maybe my view is too negative, but this is what I have found for a long time: Enlightenment has created a hellish world, so that it can only rot in constant collapse, but can not grow new shoots.