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But but what if you happen to fall in love? Or just get a persistent boner on someone? Does this mean our love would be impossible!?

So if you really wanna go at the roots go at the roots. The real "A" would be probably the way we're relating to each other sexually within anarchist circles, how this appears to be not much (at least not radically) to the intercourse "outside" the milieus, or how we've been neglecting an opportunity to redefine intercourse, as we allowed Fourth Wave feminist/liberal ID pols to be the dominant morality.

So for starter, the way some regular here has been pushing for nudism was maybe one of the relevant ways to address the issue. But still if anarchist milieus start adopting the clothing-optional subculture this might also further multiply the sexual-based accusations.

So I know this is going into the rather vast chapter of anarcho sexuality, but it's an elephant in the room you just can't avoid.