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there's a whole skillset that's lazily associated with law enforcement and man oh man, is it embarrassing to watch some anarchists pretend they can just dismiss investigation as "cop shit" and pretend that every person on earth doesn't use stuff like deductive reasoning or collecting multiple opinions to gauge honesty ... every day.

like, people use casual forms of this stuff every day but you can up your game easily enough with a bit of reading and practice. none of it is rocket science, most people who work in the security industry are dumb as shit and rarely have more than a few dozen hours of actual training.

i would even go so far as to argue that this stuff is a good example of exactly how a "subculture" is a pathetic parody of a functional political movement or tendency, when people are more concerned with "behaving like a cop" (whatever the fuck that even means) than they are with establishing a factual account of a serious transgression so it can be dealt with in a reasonable way.

don't like it? fight me. haha

anyway, so yes. anarchist forensics should definitely be a thing imo. just like anarchist food production or anarchist medical training or any other essential function within a social group. it's all about HOW you do it with as little coercion as possible.